3 VoIP Phone Features You Should Have to Impress Callers

Customer interactions are a valuable part of creating and nurturing lasting relationships, which means companies need to consider how every interaction impacts customers. You naturally spend a lot of time thinking about how to impress customers and meet their needs through in-person and online interactions, but what about when they’re stuck on the phone, waiting for help?

If you don’t think this is an opportunity to impress your customers, it’s time to think again. Suppose customers are left holding for 10, 20, 30 minutes or more. They might become understandably agitated and annoyed. What can you do to minimize that impact? How can you make the situation more convenient and accommodating?

Some companies offer a customer callback feature that allows them to skip the wait, leave a message, and have a representative call them directly later on. You can also use a variety of VoIP phone features that will increase convenience for customers and create the positive experience you prefer. Here are just a few handy VoIP phone features that every business owner can appreciate.

1. Auto Attendant

When your phone lines are flooded with calls, an auto attendant feature is an absolute necessity. It’s pretty rare for customers to encounter a busy signal these days, but you don’t want to simply shuffle callers into a hold line without offering them any information or options.

Your auto attendant can be set up to first deliver a personal greeting so customers know immediately they’ve reached the right number. From there you could offer a menu of options for customers to choose from. If all they want is to find a location, learn about business hours, or access account information, just for example, you could accommodate their needs without making them wait to speak with a live representative.

ou can also offer options for callers to choose the department or even person they want to speak to so they don’t have to get routed through several people before reaching the correct party. Auto attendant features are a great way to expedite calls and impress customers.

2. Call Routing

If you’ve gone to the trouble of securing an easy-to-remember vanity number, the last thing you want is for customers to have to call a different number after business hours to reach your after-hours call center. This is where call routing comes in handy.

This VoIP feature can be set up to send calls to different numbers if a direct line is busy or doesn’t pick up, but you can also schedule call routing to occur during off hours, weekends, holidays, and so on, ensuring that customers are never left hanging. Call routing is an expedient way to connect customers to company representatives at any time.

3. Hold Music

When it comes to hold music, most callers can take it or leave it. However, this feature does allow you a couple of options to impress customers and break up their wait time. You can use it to inform callers about your company, products, and promotions while they wait. You can also inject pertinent information, such as how many callers are ahead of them, or an estimate on how much longer the wait might be. All will help to create a positive experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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