5 Questions to Ask About Your Managed Services Agreement

Whether you’re established or a start-up, technology systems are an important part of any business. In our advanced tech culture, it often benefits everyone to consider outsourcing your IT needs. But where do you even start? And what questions should you ask potential vendors when evaluating their services, before signing on the dotted line?

  1. First and foremost, what’s included?

Any agreement will offer routine maintenance, services, and protections, but what about emergencies? The greatest benefit an IT vendor could offer is full coverage INCLUDING contingency plans for unexpected issues.

Check your impending agreement for anything that might not be covered and inquire further before signing.

  1. Technology isn’t an island

Sure, you’re outsourcing some work. That doesn’t mean you want to disassociate yourself completely from the technological needs of your business. On the contrary, you’ll want to remain on top of planning, budgeting, and strategy, especially went it comes to growth opportunities.

It’s smart to make sure your agreement includes meetings and consulting opportunities that allow you to knowledgably forecast your company’s needs.

  1. Make sure you know who’s at the table

Most IT vendors are going to offer full coverage, both day and night. But much like your outsourcing needs, they too may use third parties to monitor your systems. Not only can this lead to safety issues, it may make for disjointed and delayed communication at your business’ expense.

Make sure to nail down exactly who will be the point person on your networks and devices, especially outside regular business hours.

  1. What happens when you outgrow your plan?

You’re obviously hoping your business thrives, possibly even grows. With business growth comes the need for additional technology. Ideally, your monitoring needs would seamlessly grow along with you.

So that you can budget appropriately, aim to include a set rate for any growth possibilities. In doing so, you’ll be able to confidently move forward without fear of lags in coverage.

  1. What are your cancellation options?

It’s unfortunate but there’s always a chance your IT vendor won’t work out, or that unforeseen circumstances will require you to scale back. If you’ve done your research the chances are relatively low, but it’s always good to review any sort of cancellation terms before signing this, or any, contract.

Review the procedures for getting out of your agreement and note any consequences you may incur by terminating your contract.

Researching your options before signing a Managed Services Agreement is the greatest step you can take to ensuring a successful relationship with an IT vendor. If you’re in need of IT services, either in Sioux Falls, South Dakota or beyond, get in touch! And remember to ask a few questions first.

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