5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video Surveillance System

As a business owner, you naturally have to watch every dollar you spend, so that costs infer some commensurate value for your business. That said, you also have to consider how best to ensure that your business is safe and secure and that operations run smoothly so you can continue to profit and expand.

How does a video surveillance system factor into this equation? While you no doubt understand that there’s an upfront cost inherent to installing surveillance, you might not fully understand the benefits you stand to gain from this investment in your business. Here are a few good reasons why every business needs a video surveillance system.

1. 24/7 monitoring capabilities

It can be hard to keep an eye on your business, whether you’re busy working or you’re away from the premises. At the very least, adding a video surveillance system allows you the opportunity to go back over footage at your leisure, especially if you want to view incidents like disputes or criminal activity.

However, many modern surveillance systems also include features for real-time, remote monitoring, meaning you can watch what’s going on in your business from a mobile device, no matter where you are. This gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on employees and even get alerts when there’s motion in restricted areas like a back office.

2. Prevent theft and other criminal activity

You might think the main reason to install surveillance cameras in and around your business is to catch criminal activity, but you should also consider that adding this security feature can prevent such activity before it ever occurs. Many criminals are opportunistic. They’re looking for easy prey.

Any security features you implement, from deadbolts and safes to alarm systems and video surveillance equipment, can act as a deterrent to criminals. If you make it too difficult or dangerous to break in, steal, or vandalize property, criminals will likely seek out easier targets elsewhere. This applies to both external and internal threats.

3. Increase safety

As a business owner, the security of your facility and your inventory is second only to the safety of your dedicated team of employees. With video cameras on the premises, you have the chance to spot and track suspicious activity or dangers that could pose a threat to employees. In addition to using a surveillance system as a deterrent to bad behavior or criminal activity, you can also use footage to pursue and prosecute anyone who does cause harm.

4. Mediate conflicts

Even if your employees are unfailingly polite and helpful, disputes can arise with customers or between coworkers. Having video footage of incidents to peruse can give you the inside information you need to fairly mediate any disputes on the premises.

5. Increase productivity and profit

You don’t necessarily want to be big brother, watching your employees’ every move. That said, having video cameras placed throughout the office is good incentive for employees to do their jobs instead of slacking off. A video surveillance system can not only help to stop loss from theft, but also motivate employees to stay on task, increasing productivity and profit for your business.

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