How a Door Access Control System Will Increase Safety in Your Workplace

Many businesses have open doors, insomuch as anyone can walk right in the front door and gain access to the entire building. Whether you operate an office or a retail shop, you may be keen to provide a welcoming atmosphere for customers or clientele. However, this could create security concerns for certain types of businesses, especially those that deal in valuable goods or information, just for example.

As a result, you may be interested in implementing increased physical security features, such as a door access control system. This could be as simple as an automatically locking door connected to a buzzer at the front desk, allowing an employee to serve as a virtual gatekeeper and decide who is allowed inside.

However, door access control systems could be much more complex. You may want a key card system that involves access via individually issued identification badges for each employee. You might want to integrate your VoIP system so that visitors without key cards can be “buzzed” in when an employee answers a call from the door and activates a relay through the phone system that triggers the door to open.

Business owners might naturally worry about the off-putting nature of such security features, but with the right implementation, a door access control system need not be cumbersome, and it can significantly increase security. Here are a few benefits of this upgraded security feature.

Keep Intruders Out
The most obvious draw for installing a door access control system is to keep out unwanted visitors. Keep in mind that you could allow open access to a main lobby or storefront while adding door access controls to protect the rest of the building, including back offices.

This allows your business to appear welcoming to visitors while still protecting portions of the layout where valuables or confidential data are kept. If you’re worried about theft, a door access control system is a great way to prevent unwanted intruders from gaining entry to secure areas.

Monitor Access
When implementing a door access control system, especially one that includes key cards, you’ll almost certainly gain connections that allow you to monitor usage. In other words, you can track when employees enter and exit the building.

If you notice unusual activity, like employees entering the building at odd hours, it could alert you to nefarious behavior. Or if you find out about internal theft after the fact, you could use door access data to pinpoint who was in the building at the time, just for example. Make sure to discuss concerns with the security tech experts at Next Level Technology to ensure you get a system that suits your particular needs.

Increase Awareness
The truth is that door access controls are only really as effective as the people using them. However, installing a system gives you the perfect opportunity to address security concerns with your staff. Make sure they understand dangers like tailgating (people without access who follow legitimate employees in through an open door) so they can take steps to ensure your security measures work as intended.

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