How Mobile-Savvy IT Protects a Company’s Bottom Line

Laptops, phones and tablets are changing the way everyone does business, but also leave companies vulnerable to costly tech inefficiencies and data issues that can hold businesses back or possibly bring them to a grinding halt.  Because business technology moves companies out of the office with remote devices, their IT support needs to be just as nimble. IT needs to be thinking beyond the desktop and on-site server to keep a company productive and profitable. When looking for IT support in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, address these critical touchpoints to ensure an IT provider can step up to meet all your device needs.

Optimizing Mobile for Business

Though most employees are apt at handling their personal mobile devices, the ones handed over for business may require more than just a user’s manual. The best IT support in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will upgrade devices with essential software and apps relevant to your business and provide the necessary training to ensure their use contributes to company productivity.

Protecting Devices from Security Breaches

Security breaches can paralyze a business, which impacts the bottom line. For remote devices, the convenience of WIFI becomes a glaring security gap. IT support with expertise helps prevent hotspots from becoming access points for hackers to critical data. And while some providers establish robust data security for office computers, protection for mobile devices like smartphones is often forgotten. Mobile security breaches are on the rise, which means the best IT support needs to stay up to date on the latest malware and virus attacks specifically targeting phone platforms and equip company mobile phones for protection.

Ensuring Against Data Loss

Lost or stolen mobile devices may mean critical business information is gone too.  Lost data can be costly to replace or irreplaceable, and every business needs to protect its margins. Forward thinking IT support will provide turnkey back-up services that touch all company devices, no matter where they are being used. So, a tablet left in an airport terminal is the only thing that’s lost.

Protecting Proprietary Company Information

The loss of IPs, customer information and other key company data can be costly and may not come solely from outside attacks. Unintentionally, employees may expose confidential information through their use of company devices. An experienced IT provider can offer a definitive device use policy and back it up with safeguards and training to protect a company’s proprietary digital information from falling into the wrong hands.  Educating employees about phishing scams and other ways hackers gain access through employee actions, keeps a company’s staff vigilant to these security threats. And whether it’s a desktop computer or a company mobile device, IT support can implement geofencing services on all devices to prevent employees from accessing risky websites or misusing company technology.

A comprehensive IT provider will create a detailed plan that includes all digital technology and its projected cost-savings for a business. With every device optimized and protected, a company can boldly maximize their digital potential.

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