How to Capitalize on Smart IT Solutions for Your Retail Business

The world is getting smarter thanks to advances in computing and mobile technologies, and we’re allalong for the ride.  As a retail business owner, however, you need to consider how to implement IT solutions that take advantage of emerging technologies.  If you want to provide customers with the added convenience they’re starting to expect, finding ways to play to their technological inclinations is essential.

The trick is to choose the solutions that your customers want, even if they don’t yet know they want them.  Naturally, you also need to consider which options are going to increase engagement, boost efficiency, and deliver the greatest overall payoff for your retail locations.  How can you capitalize on existing smart technologies for your retail business?

The place to start is by partnering with a technology expert like Next Level Technology that can apprise you of suitable solutions, help you with implementation, and even create custom software to meet your needs.  To get you started, though, here are a few avenues you may want to explore.


Computer technology offers up a dizzying array of conveniences designed to relieve the burden on workers, but you’ll have to consider which ones are going to offer the greatest efficiency and the most bang for your buck.  The right automation technologies can help you to track inventory and employee hours, streamline and manage your finances, and more.

Some retail and warehouse locations are even employing robotic solutions to retrieve packages from storage on demand or clean up messes throughout the store.  In short order, robots may even be able to interact with customers, providing them with alternatives to interacting with sales associates and offering assistance during times when staff is stretched thin, such as during busy shopping seasons or sales events.

Sensor Solutions

With RFID, NFC, and other sensor technologies available, you can add incredible convenience for customers, and save time and money in the process.  Consider, for example, payment options that allow consumers to breeze through checkout simply by scanning their smartphones to make payment.  Many stores already offer contactless payment options, and systems and usage are expanding.

There are even technologies being tested that track customers as they move through stores, note what they have in shopping carts when they exit, and bill purchases to payment options on file for the customer.  Some customers may prefer the ease of use this offers, while others might find this level of tracking unsettling.  Considering it completely removes checkout lines from the equation, a perfected technology is bound to take off.

Customer Assistance

Some stores are experimenting with options for digitized customer assistance, such as touchpad kiosks in-store that let customers browse inventory to expediently find the options, sizing, or whatever they’re seeking, much as they might online.  In some cases, sensors in dressing rooms can use trackers on garments to offer additional products customers might like or allow them to call for assistance in order to get another size.

There are so many ways in which technology can attract customers, offer assistance, increase engagement, and add efficiency to your operation.  If you’re having trouble choosing or you want to know more, the expertise of a company like Next Level Technology can help to guide you.

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