The Importance of Antivirus Protection for Small Businesses

Every small business owner knows how important it is to prioritize. A limited budget must be spent with care in order to maximize results. That said, security should be one of your top concerns, and in this day and age, protecting against viruses is of the utmost concern if you want to remain operational.

Businesses today rely heavily on digital communications and online platforms. When your computer system is compromised and your network is rendered unusable by a virus, your business cannot perform at its peak, or maybe at all.

It is for this reason that you need to make sure you have robust antivirus protection in place and that you keep it up-to-date. What could happen if you don’t? Here are just a few reasons why antivirus protection is so important.

One Strategy Isn’t Enough
It’s not enough to have a firewall in place to protect against external threats to your system. You also need strong antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware protection, password protections, encryption, system backups, network monitoring, and more in place if you want the best chance to avoid falling victim to malicious hackers and code.

It’s a lot for a small business, but the more you protect yourself, the less of a target you become. It’s a matter of when, not if hackers come after you, and in most cases, those that go after small businesses simply use software designed to search for weaknesses. If you’re properly protected, they’ll likely move on to easier targets.

Business Interruption
When a virus infiltrates your system, the very least that will happen is some amount of business interruption. How large or small that interruption is depends on several factors, including the type of virus, how fast you find and contain it, and the type of damage it’s programmed to do, just for example.

Antivirus software is designed to seek and find viruses before they can do any real damage. It will warn you and quarantine affected files to keep them from infecting other parts of your system. If all goes well, the warning you receive will be the beginning and end of it, with no interruption to your ongoing operations.

Lost Revenue
If your system is down while you’re dealing with a virus, there’s a good chance you’re losing money. You may be unable to process transaction in-store and/or online in the interim. You could lose all kinds of information related to customers and sales. This, in turn, leads to lost revenue, and potentially, lost customers. If the downtime is lengthy or recurring, you could also start to damage your reputation as a result.

Business Failure
The ultimate downside of a powerful virus infiltrating your system could be business failure. If your small business simply doesn’t have the resources to weather the storm and recover from this disaster, you could end up shutting your doors over it. Then you’ll wish you’d spent the money for at least basic antivirus protection.

New Threats
With technology rapidly advancing, there are new threats to computer security emerging all the time. The right antivirus protection, when paired with other security measures, will give you the tools needed to combat threats, prevent attacks, and keep your small business up and running.

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