What Are the Main Advantages of Managed Services Vs. Break-Fix?

Technology is to business like a frame is to a building: when it is compromised, the entire structure is compromised. When there is a glitch, a bug, a cyber-threat, or a major outage, your entire business suffers. Unfortunately, these problems are inevitable. Today businesses both small and large face integration issues, data disasters, security risks, and more. Two of the main reasons businesses are sidelined is lack of strategic planning and oversight, and the choice to wait for something to break.

There are two options for mitigating the inevitable hiccups that come with using technology in a business: the break-fix approach and managed services. It is essential to understand these two alternatives thoroughly, to decide which is the best for your company and your customers. Let’s look at how a problem is handled with each strategy:

Reacting to problems with the break-fix approach

  1. Something goes wrong. The computers freeze, data is lost, the Internet is down.
  2. You call your break-fix person in a desperate, mad scramble, and your report is put in a queue that they, not you, prioritize
  3. A technician eventually is called to handle your situation. He tries to work on the issue remotely at first, then may need to go to your building
  4. The technician diagnoses the problem
  5. Finally, the immediate problem is resolved (the root cause may go unnoticed)
  6. You’re sent a bill that includes the time spent by the technician and the materials he uses

Anticipating problems with managed services

  1. There is an IT issue
  2. Your MSP has monitoring software that identifies the issue before it gets to your system
  3. You do not call your MSP because you have not noticed the problem yet
  4. The MSP reviews the notice and diagnoses the problem remotely.
  5. If possible the problem is resolved remotely or a service provider is dispatched to your location
  6. At the end of the month you receive the same monthly fee you’ve been paying all along

What you want to ask yourself when choosing between the break-fix approach and an MSP is how long you can afford to be down, and if you can tolerate periodic hiccups followed by a long time of waiting. With break-fix you have to tolerate much more uncertainty: when will they respond? How bad will the damage be? How long will it be before they diagnose the problem? How much will the repairs cost? If you have fewer problems there is a possibility that some months break-fix could be cheaper, but this is a gamble that could be disastrous for you, your team, and your customers. One of the primary advantages of managed services is that they are alerted to small issues before they become big issues that can cause untold damage to your networks, hardware, and software.

Companies like Next Level Technology not only prevent and remedy problems, but partner with you to make sure your communication systems are streamlined and secure, your system and physical assets are protected, and that your business is marketed well.

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