Why Your Business NEEDS a Mobile App

Businesses are always seeking new and innovative ways to reach the consumer public. This often means adopting new technologies. In the last three decades, businesses have moved into the online arena, not only developing a web presence through websites and advertising, but selling their wares in virtual stores. More recently, social media has opened avenues for businesses to interact with consumers at the trusted, peer level, engaging them in personal interactions and building lasting relationships in the process.

If you think your job is done, however, you should know that new opportunities arise every day, and you can’t afford to rest on your laurels if you want to continue to grow, expand, and compete. These days, businesses that don’t exist in mobile space are taking a major risk. With more and more people relying on mobile devices for the majority of online activity, your business simply can’t compete without a mobile app in place. Here’s why your business needs a mobile app now.

More People Browse and Shop with Mobile
According to eMarketer, Americans are expected to spend nearly 3.5 hours each day accessing mobile media in 2018, which is an increase of over an hour from just five years ago. There’s just no denying the convenience of browsing anywhere, at any time, and that’s what mobile devices offer. In addition, Smart Insights reports that consumers spend 89% of their mobile media time on apps, with only 11% spent on websites.

As a business owner, this should concern you if you don’t yet have a mobile app available. These statistics show that failing to offer consumers a mobile app will limit online interaction, and subsequently, patronage. If you want to reach consumers in the growing mobile market, you need to do more than optimize your website for mobile – you need a mobile app.

Ability to Compete
Whenever you consider upgrades and improvements to your business outreach strategy, you not only need to consider your own positioning with consumers, but also what your competition is doing. You should assume that if they’re not already operating in mobile space, they have plans to do so.

You can’t afford to let your rivals swoop in and take your customers out from under you. If you don’t have a mobile app for customers to find and your competitors do, you’ve only helped consumers to choose the other guy.

The Push for Mobile First
You’re probably aware of the fact that Google leads in the search market, so you might not be surprised to learn that this online giant also leads in mobile search. According to NetMarketShare, Google claims a whopping 96% of mobile search traffic. This is probably because of their “mobile first” campaign, by which they favor companies catering to mobile users with suitable websites, apps, and advertising.

Updating to a mobile first mentality by creating apps and optimizing for mobile users is just the next evolutionary step in meeting the expectations of an ever-changing technological landscape. With help from a supportive service provider like Next Level Technology, you can create a suitable strategy for your own business moving into the future, and remain competitive in the process.

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