What We Do

This is not an all-encompassing list but shows some of the areas that most businesses today must be concerned with. We pride ourselves on forming solutions to fit specific businesses needs and not just selling a static menu offering. We offer no fee consultations. We will learn about your business and give you all the options.

Meet Our Team

Just like you, they are normal people. Everyday hardworking problem solvers. Working on your issues so you don't have to.

Wade Randall

Business Astronaut

Brandon Wehde

Computer Wizard

Jennifer Quincey

Master Numbers Person

Alex Kosters

Fights Dragons

Clint Parsons

Professional Handshaker

Pawan Giri

Not a real person

Chris Flannery

Snowden Impersonator

Brock Wegner

Graphics Man

Shane Burns

Rocket League Master

Nasir Ibraham

Binary Linguist

Brutus Beefcake

Director of naps

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